Your celebratory certificate.

To celebrate your incredible fitness efforts, print and personalise your certificate.

Beating the blues, one day at a time.

Download your calendar and tick off each day as you get active your way.

Your RED Checklist

Feel prepared for the month ahead.

Your RED Champion Guide

Inspire your friends, family and colleagues to join you on your RED journey.

Your Workplace Wellbeing Guide

Support RED January and enjoy the benefits it brings to you and your colleagues.

Colour By Days

Inspired by a fellow REDer, colour each day as you get active, your way!

Share on social.

Download and share these posts on your social channels, inviting your friends and family to join you on your RED journey.

We've got this covered.

Whether you're on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, share these images on your cover page to show everyone you're taking part in RED January.




Turn your emails RED.

Download and include this banner below your email signature, inviting your contacts to join you on your RED journey.

Strike a pose.

Show your support on Facebook and Twitter with a RED January profile frame.

Strike pose

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Fundraising made simple.

Support yourself and others by fundraising for Mind. Download this handy pack for instant inspiration and print the sponsorship form to help get donations from friends and family.

A little encouragement goes a long way.

Stick up a RED January poster and encourage others to get active every day, to beat the blues away.