Before you begin your month of getting active for RED January in partnership with Mind, please read the following:


Health and Safety

RED January is open to participants of all backgrounds and we do our best to make RED as accessible and inclusive to all as possible. Nevertheless, due to the physically challenging nature of getting active every day in January, if you have any medical problem or disability which may affect your involvement in RED we would recommend that you seek guidance from your medical practitioner before taking part.

RED January participants must be a minimum of 18 years old on the 1 January 2020 and be in suitable physical condition to undertake the challenge. RED January participants should be fully aware of the possible risks inherent in getting active every day, and take rests where necessary to avoid injury. RED January participants under the age of 18 are welcome to participate in RED January, with the agreement of, and when accompanied by their parent or guardian.

In completing your registration to RED January, you understand fully that you are taking part in RED January at entirely your own risk The whole philosophy of RED January is to get active every day, your way, and the level of activity which is carried out every day is your own choice and risk. Any suggested physical activities given for RED January must therefore be taken as an indication of what activity may be achieved each day and not as an obligation of registration on our part.


RED January materials, t-shirts and sports snoods

In exceptional and unavoidable circumstances there may be a delay in receiving your RED January materials, RED January t-shirt and/or sports snood. This may occur in the rare case where a third party supplier has incurred delays in their delivery process. We will do all we can to resolve any such issues as soon as possible and let you know of the revised deadline for when you will receive materials at the earliest possible opportunity. In the unlikely event that t-shirt and/or sports snood stock has run out and we are unable to fulfil your purchased t-shirt/sports snood order, a full refund will be issued. RED January t-shirt and sports snood stock is issued on a first come first served basis, and as such you may not be able to purchase a t-shirt in your desired size and may not be able to receive a RED January sport snood; the materials still available will be highlighted to you at the point of registration.

In fundraising for RED January with Mind, you are committing to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Use my best endeavours to raise money for Mind, and not do anything to bring Mind into disrepute
  2. Obtain and pay to national Mind all money raised within three months of my fundraising activity
  3. If fundraising for my Local Mind, all money raised within three months of my fundraising activity
  4. Get approval in advance from Mind of any use of Mind’s logo in print or digital materials
  5. Get approval in advance from Mind of any use of RED January’s logo in print or digital materials
  6. Ensure that all materials include the text ‘Registered charity in England & Wales 219830’
  7. Obtain prior approval from Mind before approaching any companies, press or celebrities to support my RED January fundraising
  8. Sign the relevant form for the use of collection tins if required
  9. Not carry out house-to-house collections
  1. Not collect in any public place without first obtaining a collector’s license from the appropriate local authority (usually the police or the council)
  2. Not collect on private property (including shops, pubs etc.) without first obtaining the permission of the owner
  3. Not hold a raffle over more than one day without obtaining a license from my local authority
  4. Not resell or offer for auction Mind merchandise without Mind’s permission. I shall also pass 100% of all proceeds from any permitted activity of this type solely to Mind
  5. Not sell alcohol at any event without having the appropriate liquor license
  6. Make sure my event, and any third parties involved are fully insured and not take unnecessary personal risks as Mind’s insurance policy will not cover your fundraising activities
  7. Acknowledge that Mind cannot take responsibility for any losses made through my event or liability arising from my event
  8. Please make sure you only use RED January and Mind-branded fundraising materials (in print or electronic form) for fundraising that you have registered with us. These materials should not be used for any other activities without first letting us know.
  9. Return any unused fundraising materials that I will not require in the future to Mind
  10. Inform Mind at the earliest possible opportunity if I have had to cancel my event due any circumstances
  11. I understand that Mind may terminate my right to raise funds at any time
  12. I understand that all funds raised from my event will support the work of national Mind, registered charity number 219830
  13. I agree any information provided by me in connection with Mind events may be recorded and used by Mind in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018
  14. I agree to being contacted by Mind about RED January 2020 by email, telephone, post and SMS to receive motivational tips, information on what my fundraising will achieve and to keep me updated about the event throughout